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Apple strudel variations

Autumn salad

Baklava styrian

Bread spreads


Buckwheat-cheese-potato patties

Buckwheat-biscuit roll with cranberry filling

Cauliflower soup with croutons

Chanterelle bean salad

Chanterelle-ragout with pasta

Chard strudel

Chicken broth

Chicken liver-terrine

Chocolate truffles

Christmas cookies

Corn porridge (polenta for breakfast)


Dandelion salad

Egg dish

“Hadnkranznudl” – rolled buckwheat pasta

Instant soup

Layer salad to go

Liver – fried with bacon and apples

Mum’s herring salad

Overnight oats

Pasta con patate fagiolini e pesto


Polenta with mushrooms and bacon

Polenta marinated

Potato roll with meadow salad

Ravioli with spinach and mushrooms

Salad topping

Salad wraps

Snack plate


Styrian cheese noodles

Tomato pan-cake

Vegan patties from the Adamhof