Spermidine-rich Berry-Crumble

When the two Ring sisters meet, there is always a lot of cooking and baking going on! However no worries, with our crowd of children ;-), there are always plenty people to eat everthing. A walk through the garden to pick vegetables and fruits in the morning and the most delicious dishes are created from fresh ingredients.

If you spontaneously feel like having cake with coffee and you have fresh fruit and berries available, a crumble is ideal! It is made quickly made and Loved by children as well as adults.

Spermidine-rich Berry-Crumble

The crumble dough is made quickly and is very spermidine-rich with wholemeal flour and grated nuts. While baking (at well over 100 ° C) some of the spermidine is lost, but due to the rather short baking time, a lot is still preserved.

We made our crumble with red and black currants, blueberries, raspberries, wild strawberries and cherries. Of course, apples, pears, plums are also very suitable for this and you can also mix whole walnuts among the fruit, which increases the spermidine content even more.

Ingredients (for a tart pan)

  • 120 g whole wheat flour
  • 50 g of oatmeal
  • 80 g grated almonds (hazelnuts or walnuts)
  • 100 g icing sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 200 g cold butter
  • 500 g berries and / or other fruits (currants, blueberries, raspberries, wild strawberries, cherries)


We pitted the cherries and mixed all fruits in a tart form and then prepared the crumbel dough. For this, the dry ingredients are mixed well and the cold butter is added in small pieces. The dough is quickly kneaded with your hands and then sprinkled on the berries in flakes. The crumble is baked with hot air at 180 ° C for about 30 minutes.

It tastes best when served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

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  1. simone sagt:

    Das Rezept sieht sehr lecker aus. Leider kann ich nicht so gut Englisch. Gibt es das auch in deutscher Sprache? Simone


    1. Liebe Simone, natürlich gibt es das. Wir Posten unsere Rezepte immer auf Deutsch und Englisch 😊. Geh einfach auf „Blog“ da findest du unsere neuesten Rezepte. Oder du gehst auf „Rezepte von A-Z“, hier findest du alle Rezepte (auf deutsch). Liebe Grüße 😊


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