„Adamhof“ patties – vegan, gluten-free, spermidine-rich

Today we introduce you to a quick simple meal.
… very simply because we did not cook it ourselves ;-).

From the family Aichwalder vom Adamhof at Maria Saal in Carinthia we got these wonderful patties. With ingredients such as buckwheat, polenta, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds they are definitely spermine-rich and of excellent taste.

Sonja Aichwalder convinced us with her „green power dream“. Simply fry the patties or grill. Or just enjoy them cold as an energy snack on your next hiking trip.

„Green Power Dream“ Spermidine-rich patties from the Adamhof

We made them on the „indoor grill“ (in the pan) with spermidine-rich side dishes: potatoes, grilled vegetables and salad fresh from the garden. A herbal and a curry dip fit well. A fast, successful meal and definitely a vegan alternative at a barbecue party.

We are delighted to welcome everyone who shares their
enthusiasm for healthy, sperm-rich food and their ideas and recipes!

More information about the Adamhof can be found at http://www.hofladenadamhof.at, or at the „Ab-Hof“ shopping portal http://www.gaumenfest.at/landwirte/adamhof-familie-aichwalder. The farm shop on Friday is worth a visit and shopping in every respect.

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