Buckwheat-Banana-Pancakes: Spermidine-rich Breakfast # 2

A spermidine-rich start to the day!

After quite a few time (we just had so much to do…) we are back and will start in the new year with new spermidine-rich recipes. One of our most viewed recipes in 2018 was the spermidine-rich crunchy muesli. This is no surprise, because if you want to eat spermidine-rich you must start in the morning to get on a high daily amount of spermidine. Thus, we want to present you our top 5 spermidine-rich breakfast ideas in the upcoming posts. Today we start with a weekend breakfast:


Ingredients (about 2 servings)

30 g of flour
30 g of buckwheat flour
20 g of grated nuts
½ tsp baking powder
1 egg
½ ripe banana
approx. 80 ml of milk (alternatively oatmeal or almond milk)
1 packet of vanilla sugar (10 g)
1 pinch of salt
20 g of dark chocolate
Vegetable oil (for the pan)

1 piece of butter, ½ banana, chocolate pieces and honey to garnish


Mix flour, buckwheat flour, grated nuts and baking powder well. Separate the eggs. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff. Crush the ripe banana with the fork and stir well with the egg yolk, vanilla sugar, half the milk. Stir in the flour-mix and add enough milk to make a viscous mass. Chop the chocolate in pieces. Add the egg whites and the chocolate pieces to the yolk mix until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Pour oil in a pan and heat. Add the pancake mixture in portions to the pan with a tablespoon (approx. 6 pancakes fit in a large pan). Fry on one side until bubbles form on top of the edge of the pancakes, then turn and fry from the other side. Serve while still hot: Stack 5 pancakes, a piece of butter on top (is then melting) and garnish with the remaining ½ banana a few chocolate chips and honey.

We recommend a cup of tea or coffee, a newspaper and a few relaxing minutes. Have a nice Weekend!

Spermidine-rich in this recipe are mainly the nuts, but also buckwheat and banana contain moderate amounts of spermidine. Moderate bitter chocolate, like spermidine, has a health-promoting effect and reduces the risk of age-related heart disease. A positive effect of daily coffee consumption has been confirmed in several studies.

Comming up soon:

• Spermidine-rich egg dishes
• Spermidine-rich breakfast with wholemeal bread
• Polenta with coffee
• Overnight oats with spermidine-rich crispy muesli

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