Spermidine-rich barbecue side dishes # 1 – chanterelle bean salad

With the June, the summer starts right through. It is warm, days are long and everything grows and thrives. In the vegetable garden you cannot keep up with the harvest. Cherries, raspberries and strawberries not only tempt children to snack.
What’s nicer on a summer afternoon than a barbecue? So in the morning we marinated a few chops and put them in the fridge. Then a snack, all our children and the grandma packed up to spend some time in the forest during the midday heat. With happy children and culinary delights, we return home after 2-3 hours. Wild strawberries and blackberries have disappeared especially in the bellies of our children … the mushrooms in our cloth bags.

 The strawberries in our tinkered mini-forest did not last very long…

 Arrived at home, barbecue fire is started, salads taken from the garden, potatoes cooked and our mushroom cleaned.


… we make a wonderful chanterelle bean salad. Both mushrooms and beans are particularly rich in spermidine. Potatoes and lettuce are also a good spermidine source.


Sauté finely chopped onion. Then add the cleaned mushrooms and cook them until the water that the mushrooms give off has evaporated (about 15 minutes). Mix beans with vinegar, oil, salt and pepper. Stir in the cooked mushrooms and finely chopped parsley. As more healthy side dishes, we serve potatoes and green salad.


Ingredients for a chanterelle bean salad as a side dish (4-6 adults)

2 cans of white beans (drained weight 500 g)

500 g chanterelles

1 medium onion

Oil, vinegar, salt, pepper

a handful of parsley

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