Potato roll with meadow salad

After a few months, the potatoes harvested in the fall have already lost a bit of water and are ideal for a potato dough. Which let us think of a wonderful recipe from our mom: “Potato role” with a leek filling. Mum’s leek rolls can be wonderfully frozen; thawed, sliced ​​and seared, they have given us a quick, good, warm meal in some stressy situations. When filling you can be very creative: leeks, mushrooms, spinach, grapefruits, etc.

Today we have decided to make a seasonally suitable filling with fresh young nettles. As a side dish, we have a colorful meadow salad.

Spermidine-rich potato role with nettle-feta-pine nut filling

Spermidine-rich in this food is especially the fresh salad, as well as the pine nuts and the potatoes contain moderate amounts of spermidine. Whether the nettle, which is a coveted herb in folk medicine, involves a lot of spermidine has not been studied yet, but it definitely makes this a special meal.


For the potpato dough cook the floury potatoes with the peel.
Meanwhile prepare the filling: Steam or fry the nettle leaves, crumble the feta, finely chop the mint, add the pine nuts and mix everything, season with salt and pepper.
Peel the potatoes still hot and immediately press through a potato press (or stomp). Add flour, potato flour, the egg and salt and knead quickly to a dough. Roll out the still-warm dough in two pieces onto a work surface dusted with potato flour to form two 1 cm thick rectangles.
Apply the desired filling and roll in the dough from the long side. Close the ends well. Wrap the rolls on a greased perforated plate in the steamer, or in a linen cloth coated with liquid butter, or wrap in cling film for steaming. Boil for 30 minutes in a steamer or in a pot of salted water. Allow the rolls to cool, cut into finger thick slices and fry in a pan with butter on both sides until crispy. Serve with a fresh meadow salad.

Alternative fillings that we also find very good are fried onion & leek filling or fried onion & mushroom filling.

Ingredients for 2 rolls (about 4 portions)


  • 500 g of floury potato
  • 1 egg
  • 3 tbsp flour
  • 1-2 tbsp of potato flour
  • salt
  • Butter for brushing and searing


  • 100 g young nettle leaves
  • 50 g of feta
  • 20 g pine nuts
  • 1 tsp chopped mint
  • salt and pepper

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