The Ring-sisters

Anna&Julia_SchürtzeWe are two sisters and live in Austria. Grown up together in the south near the Slovenian and Italian boarder, we no longer live at the same place, but are deeply connected and share your passion for good food, family-life, nature and our jobs as a scientist and a doctor.

Julia Ring

IMG_8752I live with my husband and three kids in Graz (Styria) and work as a scientist in the field of “cell death and aging“. My research projects focus on elucidating the cellular and molecular factors leading to neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease. I do that using yeast and flies as model organisms. Yes, that means I work with flies, which have Alzheimer’s, and my yeast cells too show several molecular signs of a neuron from an Alzheimer patient. And this allows me to study the Why and How this disease progresses as well as how it may be possible to slow down its progression or prevent it. In our lab (working group of Prof. Frank Madeo, Institute of Molecular Biosciences, University of Graz) all scientists work on aging and health related topics. About 10 years ago, my colleagues found out that there is a substance, called spermidine, which can remarkably prolong life and health span of all research models tested (Eisenberg et al., Nat Cell Biol. 2009). This rocked the scientific as well as normal media and opened a new field of research. Recently, they released a study showing that spermidine positively influences health and lifespan of mice due to rejuvenating cardiovascular function. Further, an epidemiological study suggests that these results may be valid in humans as well (Eisenberg et al., Nat Med. 2016). That means the healthier your diet (with a lot of spermidine-rich ingredients) the healthier (more juvenile) your body could be.

The kitchen and dining table is the center of our house and always busy.  Buying or growing good ingredients, turning them in a delicious meal and eating together with family and friends is good for body and soul. I think it is important to have a healthy diet as well as to eat food that makes you happy!

Anna Grötschnig (former Ring ;-))

AnnaI live with my husband and two children on an organic farm in Carinthia, Austria near Lake Wörthersee. My husband, also a doctor and farmer, has taken over the farm from his parents. I work as a doctor at the geriatrics and share with my husband more and more the passion to be part of a farm. During my work in the hospital I experience and try to help with many problems of aging. This makes me very aware that not the number of years, but the preservation of health and youthfulness and thus the quality of life in old age is the most desirable for us. I follow the research results of my sister and her colleagues with great interest. My sister and I not only share the scientific and medical interests, but also the passion for good, valuable food and its creative preparation. Apart from the taste, the health-promoting effect of our foods and its origin are very important to me. That is why I am so proud to use our way of life to produce many of our organic, sustainable and regional foods ourselves. And so I love taking care of my children, my husband, seven cows, twenty sheep, two pigs, six chickens, five ducks, three bee colonies, a cat and our garden.