Spermidine-rich cake in a jar

Spermidine-rich cake in the glass. Stays fresh for a long time and can be given away without hesitation even in these times!

Healthy party snake plate!

We wish you a happy new year! A lot of health, countless moments of pleasure, a little serenity and patience, a lot of charity and awareness and gratitude for what we have!

Apple-nut-carrot cake

Apple-nut-carrot cake. A quick simple cake made with spermidine-rich ingredients.

Porcini potato soup

This year we found beautiful porcini mushrooms and dried them. These are great for an autumnal porcini mushroom potato soup!

AustrianFoodBlogAwards 2020

Wir machen mit bei den AFBA 2020 in den Kategorien: „Ja! Natürlich Bio Preis“ mit den gesunden Salatwraps mit Käferbohnenpaste „Backen mit Liebe by Wiener Zucker“ mit den Beeren Crumble „Willkomen daheim Küche by ADEG“ mit den Steirer Kasnudeln „Wir feiern das Leben by Kattus“ mit der feinen marinierten Polenta

Spermidine-rich Berry-Crumble

If you spontaneously feel like having cake with coffee and have fresh fruit and berries available, a spermidine-rich crumble is ideal! It is made quickly and the children love ist as well as the adults. For our crumble, we went on a garden tour and collected a bowl of seasonal fruits. The crumble dough is made quickly and is very spermidine-rich with wholemeal flour and grated nuts.

Potato patties with Dandelion salad

Potato patties with dandelion salad. These days we want to eat a particularly healthy diet and strengthen our immune system. Spermidine-rich diet helps our body to stay fit and healthy. In addition, spermidine have been shown to have a positive effect on the immune system.