Styrian baklava

It is cold and rainy outside and just like the little mouse Frederick (children’s book by Leo Lionni), we like to think back to the summer, the sun, the holiday and all the delicious things we ate there! Inspired by this, today we bake baklava with regional ingredients.

Breakfast # 5: Spermidine-rich egg dish with whole meal bread

We all love it: egg dish and if you make it at home, here are some tips on how you can improve it to a healthy spermidine-rich breakfast. We stretch the egg dish with spermidine-rich ingredients, which not only tastes good, but also enhances the whole thing. We use mushrooms, broccoli, celery, hard cheese and…

Overnight Oats: Spermidine-rich breakfast #3

Sunday evening and the weekend is almost over … To get a good start into the week and make the Monday morning a bit more bearable, we are already preparing breakfast for tomorrow: Over Night Oats (ONOs) – Oatmeal soaked overnight – are deservedly a trend food, because they are very healthy, look pretty and,…

Spermidin-reiches Frühstück #3: Over night Oats

Over Night Oats (ONOs) – über Nacht eingeweichte Haferflocken – sind verdientermaßen ein Trend Food, denn sie sind sehr gesund – auch reich an Spermidin -, sehen hübsch aus und vor allem schmecken sie gut!