Chard strudel

Swiss chard is a spermidin-rich healthy evergreen in the summer garden season. Try our chard strudel, tastes delicious!

Weed-Ravioli with garden orache, stinging nettle and goutweed

The running motto in our garden is „from the earth to the table“. Our own herbs and vegetables are currently growing explosively so do the „weeds“. However, garden orache, stinging nettle and goutweed not only a tasty addition in the kitchen, but also rich in vitamins, trace elements and – like all young leafy vegetables – rich in spermidine. Best of all: they grow by themselves!

Spermidine-rich homemade instant soup

There it is again April in May, you just never have the right robe with you, sometimes it’s raining then sun again and everyone has a cold again. We have the perfect spermidine-rich solution for lunch at work: homemade instant soup!

Spermidin-reiche Riesen-Ravioli

…selbstgemachte Spermidin-reiche Riesen-Ravioli mit einer Spinat-Pilz-Pinienkern-Füllung und dazu ein Salat…schmeckt Groß und Klein!

Potato roll with meadow salad

Spermidine-rich potato roll with a seasonally suitable filling with fresh young nettles. As a side dish, we have a colorful meadow salad.

Erdäpfelrolle mit Salat

Lockeren Kartoffelteig mit einer für eine zur Jahreszeit passende Füllung mit frischen jungen Brennnesseln entschieden. Dazu gibt es einen bunten Wiesensalat

Breakfast # 5: Spermidine-rich egg dish with whole meal bread

We all love it: egg dish and if you make it at home, here are some tips on how you can improve it to a healthy spermidine-rich breakfast. We stretch the egg dish with spermidine-rich ingredients, which not only tastes good, but also enhances the whole thing. We use mushrooms, broccoli, celery, hard cheese and…