Spermidine-rich homemade instant soup

There it is again April in May, you just never have the right robe with you, sometimes it’s raining then sun again and everyone has a cold again. We have the perfect spermidine-rich solution for lunch at work: homemade instant soup!

Potato roll with meadow salad

Spermidine-rich potato roll with a seasonally suitable filling with fresh young nettles. As a side dish, we have a colorful meadow salad.

Chic Spermidine-rich Layer Salad – To Go

With the onset of spring, our cravings for fresh salads rise again tremendously. A great way to take a salad on the go is the trendy way to layer it in a glass.
Chic Spermidine-rich Layer Salad – To Go can be easily prepared the night before and is perfect as a healthy lunch at work!

Spermidine-rich stew

this stew (made exclusively from ingredients with high spermidine content) is the ultimate spermidine-rich dish and ready in 30 minutes.

Breakfast # 5: Spermidine-rich egg dish with whole meal bread

We all love it: egg dish and if you make it at home, here are some tips on how you can improve it to a healthy spermidine-rich breakfast. We stretch the egg dish with spermidine-rich ingredients, which not only tastes good, but also enhances the whole thing. We use mushrooms, broccoli, celery, hard cheese and…

Overnight Oats: Spermidine-rich breakfast #3

Sunday evening and the weekend is almost over … To get a good start into the week and make the Monday morning a bit more bearable, we are already preparing breakfast for tomorrow: Over Night Oats (ONOs) – Oatmeal soaked overnight – are deservedly a trend food, because they are very healthy – also rich…